Classes in filmmaking, writing and production provide an introduction to the art of film.



Jonathan Moeller,
Film Program Coordinator/Graphic Designer
ext. 217

FA17 One-On-One Editing

All ages

$41 Hour ($37)

Learn hands on digital film editing. Students will work in various programs and with various genres. Email jonathan@beverlyartcenter.org to schedule a session.

(minimum 3 sessions)


FA17 Voice Over Acting

Ages 9-17

Monday, 4-5pm

Sept 11 – Dec 11 (13 weeks). No class the week of Nov 20-26.  Are you constantly creating characters?  Do you have a knack for voices and accents?  This class provides students the opportunity to exercise their quirky sides by doing voices for cartoons, movies, and more!  Students will not only write and perform their own material, but will learn to be comfortable with their own voice and to embrace their creativity. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Making Music Videos

Ages 9-17

Monday, 5pm-6:30pm

Sept 11 – Dec 11 (13 weeks). No class the week of Nov 20-26. Love music, dance, and movies? This class rolls them all into one interactive and hands-on experience. Learn the behind-the-scenes process of how to make a professional quality music video, and then shoot and star in your very own with classmates. Students will try their hand filming on set, around the art center, and in front of the green screen! Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Stop Motion Animation 1

Ages 9-14

Thursday, 4:00-5:30pm

Sept 14 – Nov 2 (8 weeks). Students will use their own drawings and provided toys/models/clay to create multiple short, stop-motion projects. As a group, we will create a story line and then get down to the mechanics of shooting, editing, and final production. Max 8 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Stop Motion Animation 2

Ages 9-14

Thursday, 5:30-7:00pm

Sept 14 – Nov 2 (8 weeks). Looking to take your stop motion talents to the next level? In Stop Motion Animation 2 students will take on bigger and more challenging projects; building and creating their own characters and sets all while putting together an under-10-minute short film using all of the techniques learned in Stop Motion Animation 1. This class incorporates set design, lighting, and editing. STUDENTS DON’T HAVE TO HAVE TAKEN STOP MOTION ANIMATION 1, BUT MUST HAVE TAKEN ANY FILM CLASS WITH THE BAC BEFORE. Max 8 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Intro To Filmmaking

Ages 11-17

Tuesday, 4:30-6:00pm

Sept 19 – Dec 19 (13 weeks). No class the week of Nov 20-26. Learn how to create short films and videos! Focus will include story, script, lighting, sound, production, composition, and different facets of post production. Students will write and film their own material in group projects, ending class with a finished script and short film. Class culminates with a film screening of the students’ short film in the main theater of the BAC. Max 12 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Movie Star in the Making

Ages 9-17

Tuesday, 6-7:30pm

Sept 19 – Nov 14 (8 weeks). No class on Oct 31, or Nov 20-26. Take your talents to the screen! Learn the intricacies of character development, script analysis, and how to properly perform for the camera all while experiencing first hand the film production lifestyle. Movie Star students will collaborate with directing students on short film and video projects, learning how to thrive in a team environment while also learning how to contribute their own character development ideas. Max 8 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Film Directing Workshop

Ages 11-17

Tuesday, 6-7:30pm

Sept 19 – Nov 14 (8 weeks). No class on Oct 31, or Nov 20-26. The Film Directing Workshop offers students the opportunity to step into a leadership role while creating original movies and videos. They will collaborate with the cinematography and movie star students to film interviews, short film scenes, comedy videos, and more. Max 8 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Cinematography Workshop

Ages 11-17

Tuesday, 6-7:30pm

Sept 19 – Nov 14 (8 weeks). No class on Oct 31, or Nov 20-26. Want to make your homemade short films look more like the pro’s? Students in this class will spend eight weeks learning the core concepts of film lighting and camera operation. Topics will range from three point, interview style lighting to narrative genre lighting such as film noir, horror, and more. We will also cover film equipment safety, to be sure that students both in class and shooting at home have the knowledge and the ability to be safe as they hone their filmmaking craft. Max 8 students. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Intermediate Filmmaking

Ages 11-17

Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm

Sept 13 – Dec 13 (13 weeks). No class the week of Nov 20-26. Students signing up for this class must have previously taken Intro to Filmmaking. This class is designed so that students have further opportunities to apply the skills and concepts they learned in Intro to Filmmaking. They will work with cameras, lighting equipment, props, and wardrobe to create advanced short films. Max 12 students. Prerequisite – Intro To Filmmaking. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Movie Editing

Ages 10-17

Friday, 4-6pm

Sept 15 – Dec 15 (13 weeks). No class the week of Nov 20-26. Have a knack for computers? Want to hone your digital knowledge? Or perhaps you enjoy telling stories and working with artists… Editing movies and videos is an applicable skill that can be both fun and useful. Students will learn to use various kinds of editing software, as well as how to dabble with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Audition. This class covers topics ranging from visual storytelling to television and internet video compilation while editing together short films, green screen footage, photo slideshows, animated projects, and more. Computers and software are provided. Max students is 4. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller



Email Jonathan@beverlyartcenter.org if you are interested in this class!

Ages 13-Adult

Thursday, 7pm – 8:30pm

Sept 14 – Nov 16 (10 weeks). Do you love movies? In this class students will learn how to look at movies from a critical standpoint; learning to understand story, theme, and technique. We will cover a broad range of genres and styles, while students create their very own critic’s videos about movies of their choice. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 Screenwriting

Ages 13-Adult

Wednesday, 7-8:30pm

Sept 13 & 27, Oct 11 & 25, Nov 8 (5 weeks). Take your idea and turn it into a cinematic story. Break down classic films, read and constructively critique each other’s work as a class. Learn proper screenplay formats, and end up with a finished, polished script ready to shoot. Students in the class will be writing every week, and some weeks will be asked to write outside of class, as well. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller

FA17 The Mobile Production Studio

Ages 17+

Monday, 7-8:30pm

September 11 – October 9 (5 weeks). Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has figured out how to tell it. Students in this class will learn how to utilize the camera in your pocket to it’s full effect. Lenses, sound recording, and post-production will be covered in addition to learning how to craft professional quality images using your cell phone. Instructor: Jonathan Moeller