Children of all ages can explore a variety of art techniques this summer.

2nd annual Deck The Halls Winter Art Exhibition:  Sunday, December 3, 6-8 PM.  Free for all to attend!  Art submissions are due by November 18th.

Colleen O’Connor
Visual Art Coordinator
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FA17 Art Adventures

Ages 3-5

Wednesday, 4pm-4:45pm

Sept 13 – Dec 13, (13 weeks). No class week of November 20-26. Through art, singing and dancing, we will be exploring our world and our ability to create beautiful works of art! Expect your student to get a little messy, please dress accordingly! Instructor: Colleen O’Connor

FA17 Clay Basics

Ages 5-7

Thursday, 4pm-5pm

Sept 14 – Dec14, (13 weeks). No class week of November 20-26. $7 materials fee included in class cost. Students will mold, twist, pull, coil, and pinch clay to create sculptures while learning the fundamentals of ceramics. Instructor: Judi D’Andrea

FA17 Art Combo

Ages 5-7

Saturday, 1:30pm-3pm

Sept 16 – Oct 21, (6 weeks). $7 materials fee included in class cost. Does your student love to draw, paint, and create sculptures with clay? In this class you get a taste of all three! Students learn basic skills in all three areas as well as develop a love and respect for different art forms! Instructor: Polly Yates

FA17 Clay Day

Ages 8-13

Wednesday, 10am-11:30am
Session 1 Sept 13 – Oct 18, (6 week session)
Session 2 Nov 1 – Dec 13, (6 week session)

No class week of November 20-26. $10 materials fee per session included in class cost. Get introduced to the art of ceramics with hand-building, sculpting and glazing techniques.   Instructor: Judi D’Andrea (for both sessions)

FA17 Sculpture

Ages 8-12

Thursday, 5pm-6:30pm

Sept 14 – Dec 14, (13 weeks). No class week of November 20-26. $12 materials fee included in class cost. Create more complex ceramic works by combining self-expression with different building and glazing techniques. Students will learn how to bring their inspiration to life. Instructor: Judi D’Andrea

FA17 Drawing

Ages 8-12

Saturday, 9:30am-10:30am

Sept 16 – Dec 16, (13 weeks). No class week of November 20-26. Our drawing course is designed to convey the fundamentals of drawing in various formats. Students learn to develop the necessary skills for capturing what is seen with confidence. Instructor: TBD

FA17 Painting

Ages 8-12

Saturday, 10:30am-12pm

Sept 16 – Oct 21, (6 weeks). From acrylics, watercolor, and non-traditional mediums, students will be introduced to color mixing, techniques, and art history to create paintings. Instructor: Polly Yates

FA17 Open Teen Studio

Ages 13-18

Saturday, 12pm-1:30pm

Sept 16 – Oct 21, (6 weeks). Students of any level are welcome. Work on a variety of instructor-led projects or focus on individual goals to develop a diverse portfolio for scholarships or admissions. Experiment with materials at your own pace while working with others on what you love. Instructor: Polly Yates

FA17 Art Sampler

Ages 8-12

Saturday, 1:30pm-3pm

Nov 4 – Dec 16, (6 weeks). No class week of November 20-26. $7 materials fee included in class cost. Students are introduced to drawing, painting and ceramic works among other art styles. With learning a variety of styles and skills they create diverse works of art. Instructor: TBD